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Powering the United Kingdom’s Energy Security

01 — about us

Best-in-class petrotechnical capability and commercial innovation...

Bridge Petroleum is a full lifecycle, independent E&P oil and gas company. We have a mixed portfolio of producing assets in the UK central North Sea, as well as near term development acreage in both the UK Southern and Northern North Sea...

Key company statistics

03 — environmental, social and governance (esg)

Direct and Impactful Investment in Our Future

Social Contribution

Since the Company’s inception in 2015, it has supported several of the UK’s top universities through:

Supervision of postgraduate students (PhD and Masters) in areas of geo and green energy at Imperial College, Heriot Watt, Aberdeen, and Durham University.

Volunteer as Court Committee Member of Heriot Watt University focusing on improving global education delivery and quality for the students, and well being our future leaders.

SPE volunteer work (various including Committee Member on the SPE Distinguished Lecturer).

Environmental Consideration

The company acts as a custodian to the environment in all areas of its operation and is committed to a performance and culture-based system of continuous improvement as defined in our Environmental Policies. One of the first movers in the North Sea to evaluate the economic viability of Offshore Gas to Power, with over 1000 concept select cases evaluated working with NZTC, Aberdeen University, Imperial College. Recently completed concept evaluation work for renewable power generation combining floating wind, solar and battery system for offshore power supply, with optional hydrogen generation.

Societal Well Being

Volunteering and facilitation work during COVID19 lockdown, working with local government body to support the needs of society.

Corporate Governance

The company has strict adherence to corporate best practice as defined in the Company’s BMS and Policies.