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Bardolino 2023 subsea inspection survey

Bardolino subsea inspection ROV

Bridge Petroleum contracted Fugro to undertake the scheduled 2023 combined pipeline and facilities inspection of Bardolino using the ROV Survey Vessel EDT Jane. Information and data gathered during the survey is used to confirm the overall condition of the Bardolino subsea structures and provide input for life of field integrity management. The survey included General Visual Inspection, Multi Beam Echo Sounder and Depth of Burial determination along the length of the buried flowlines and umbilical from the Bardolino manifold to the tie -in spools at the Howe subsea manifold. The updated baseline survey confirmed no disturbance of the lines since installation and indicated that rock dump and mattress protection remains in place. External inspection of the Bardolino subsea manifold, Valve Protection Structure and wellhead were conducted using Workclass and Inspection class ROV while a micro ROV was deployed for internal inspection within the structures. In addition to visual inspection to assess general condition and marine growth, cathodic protection probe measurements were made to establish that corrosion protection remains at the desired levels.

Picture 1
Multi Beam Echo Sounder imaging of a section of Bardolino production line
Picture 1
Local inhabitants assisting with the visual inspection of a section of mattress cover protecting the Bardolino pipeline as it exits the seabed